Apprenticeship Funding Reforms

Skills for Care Trailblazers team celebrates their success in achieving the Adult Social Care Sector contract to develop the new Adult Social Care Worker Apprenticeship Standard in line with the Apprenticeship Reform. Trailblazers are a key part of the Reform of Apprenticeships, which is probably the most significant change to Apprenticeships over the past few years. I am delighted to say that ID is a partner with Skills for Care in this development which means we will have some influence in shaping the new Apprenticeship Standard for Adult Social Care and also have timely information that we can share with Employer Partners and stakeholders on how the changes will impact on the sector.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the Apprenticeship Reform documents, existing Apprenticeship frameworks are being replaced by new employer-designed Apprenticeship standards. There will be higher expectations for English and maths within Apprenticeships, a 12 month minimum duration regardless of age or prior experience, more assessment at the end, and the introduction of grading. Eight Trailblazers have been formed already, through which leading employers are coming together to design the first new Apprenticeship standards for their sectors. Further phases of Trailblazers will develop standards over the next few years, and by 2017/18 all new Apprenticeship starts will be working towards standards, rather than frameworks. IDT has agreed to support Skills for Care with the Social Care Trailblazer project.

From August 2016 the Employer-routed funding mechanism will be introduced. This will place employers in the driving seat as direct payments will allow the employer to commission training directly from providers.

For further information on Funding Reform please use the following link to the Apprenticeship Funding Reform Technical Consultation March 2014