ID Support Children’s Services

ID provides enabling services that enhance opportunities for young people and children to access a wide range of community activities. We have a strong person centred ethos and a clear focus on the outcomes that people want to achieve and are committed to supporting access to mainstream services. Additionally, we work to develop new opportunities based on individual interests.

Whether you are looking for an enablement service or short breaks, we will work with you and professionals to ensure a consistent approach to supporting your son or daughter.

Our person centred matching process ensures that families have the final say when it comes to selecting the most appropriate support worker. We have a large bank of support workers to ensure a wide choice from backgrounds that ensure the diverse needs of families can be met in a culturally and age the appropriate way.

Once you have selected the profile of worker we will provide you with a short list that match to your specification so that you can decide who will be the most appropriate person whose skills, interests and experience best suit your son or daughter. All support workers are well trained, they have good communication skills, are organised and able to work flexibly to fit in with you. They are friendly, caring and reliable. Our experienced service managers will work in partnership with you and other professionals to create a truly personalised service with clear and achievable outcomes. ID provides support on varying levels that meet your child’s need; from working for a set period of time to achieve an agreed goal such as to increase skills, independence and confidence so that they can attend local activities independently, for example, we are currently supporting a young person to find the right dance class in her local area that meets her needs.

We provide support for many children and young people to do things they enjoy and have fun, while providing a role model to promote positive social skills and relationships. Some children and young people choose to use their support to meet up with friends and this can take place in a youth club, leisure setting or even a day trip. Breaks can be shared with other young people that use the service providing young people with the opportunity to meet new friends and short break workers.

For information about our services, please contact Pauline Bell on 0191 230 3090 or email

For advice and guidance about services you are welcome to call or write. We are also happy to arrange informal meetings by appointment at our office or we can visit you at home.
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