Children’s Residential Services

“>Our absolute mission is to achieve reunification of children and young people to their family or a long term foster placement as safely and quickly as possible.

ID Support currently has one children’s home and due to the consistently good outcomes already achieved for young people and the recent award of ‘outstanding’ with Ofsted a second home is due to open in early 2019 to allow more young people the same opportunities.

 The home provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment which is free from discrimination. Children and young people can be supported to build resilience and enjoy positive experiences whilst building on their independence and life skills to prepare them for adulthood. The emphasis is on providing support which is very much tailored to individual needs.  

Therefore, the objectives are to:

Achieve reunification to the family or long-term foster placement as safely and quickly as possible where this is considered in the best interests.

  • Provide opportunities for each young person to learn, grow and make informed choices about their future, whilst offering an environment in which they can take time to repair and move forward from bad experiences in their life.
  • Provide a physically and emotionally supportive residential environment within established boundaries for the children and young people we look after.
  • Respect and dignity for everyone regardless of their race, gender, cultural background or ability.
  • An ethos and atmosphere that is conducive to personal growth, whilst taking all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of harm to self or others.
  • A caring, nurturing and stimulating environment that enables children and young people to reach their potential, building on strengths and celebrating individual achievement.
  • A safe environment, free from abuse in its many forms, including bullying and any behaviour that is disrespectful of the individual or groups of individuals or their family or community.
  • Individual Education packages for each young person, which will both aid the reparative process and will offer them the chance to maximise their future life choices.
  • A framework of support in which the child or young person can be brought to confront the meaning and significance of their behaviour, thereby reinforcing the possibility of change.
  • A working partnership with each child or young person and in co-operation with other agencies, to provide a continuity and consistency of care that will benefit the child or young person.

We place great importance on recruiting and retaining high calibre staff that possess appropriate qualifications and experience. We appoint staff of mixed ages, gender and ethnicity, that will individually and collectively present as positive role models for the children and young people in our care.

The manager and his deputy lead a confident staff team whose members are committed to ensuring that children are highly valued and achieve positive outcomes” Ofsted full inspection 10th May 2018.

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