Assessment and referral process

Our robust assessment process ensures the most appropriate placement is achieved for each child or young person.

At ID, our high quality residential services cater for children and young people aged 8 to 17 with a range of complex and challenging needs, including Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Issues, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.

We offer a comprehensive 24-hour* no-obligation pre-admission assessment that is free of charge.

Depending on receipt of requested documentation, a completed referral form and confirmation of funding.

Our robust assessment and referral process ensures the most appropriate placement is achieved for a child or young person.

No placement will be made unless a pre-admission and home impact risk assessment has been approved as a suitable match by the home manager.

Our treatment programme complies with the National Contract through Individual Placement Agreements (IPAs). An IPA is a tailored and integrated plan that addresses each young person’s care, clinical and educational needs. It is regularly reviewed and updated.

We aim for 100% reunification of a child young person to the family home or long term foster placement and continually report back to local authorities on progress.

We are committed to a transparent working partnership and provide quarterly monitoring and feedback to local authorities.

Assessment, referral and intervention process

Initial Enquiry

  • Basic referral information received and assessed against our operating service criteria
  • Initial information shared with clinical and operational team for risk assessment
  • Same day feedback to referring agency
  • Assessment visit conducted within 24 hours of referral 

Assessment Visit

  • A team assessment visit to the young person, referring agency and/or other relevant professionals
  • Ratification of assessment and formal placement offer with timescale made to referrer
  • Quality assurance visit to ID’s home by social worker and/or other appropriate professionals
  • Local Authority confirms funding approval and initiate individual placement agreement

Initial Assessment at The Grange (8 weeks) 

  • Individual joining plan drawn up and actioned
  • Initial 8 week holistic assessment completed to inform child/young person’s placement plan including a Capacity to Protect Assessment
  • Outcome based plan agreed

Intervention Process (10-16 months)

  • The Grange uses several different therapeutic approaches which will be determined by the needs of the individual young person. Any therapeutic techniques used will be built in to the care plan and Health Action Plan. Plans are agreed through the admissions and review process and “progress” is “with” the young person as opposed to something that is done “to” them.
  • Monthly progress reports sent to local authority covering care, clinical and educational set against agreed outcomes
  • 3 monthly assessment reviews to change update the young person’s plan 

Discharge – Reunited Home or Foster Care


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