ID Academy

At ID Academy, we want our pupils to develop a sense of personal growth. We aim to provide:

  • A multi-disciplinary approach to personalised curriculum developed through working with parents, referring authorities and the care team.
  • A framework of personal objectives that help us to work towards targets for individual development.
  • An emphasis on developing pride and self-confidence through achievement and success.
  • Skilled management and development of behaviour designed around a carefully planned framework of rules, rewards and sanctions.
  • Therapeutic work to develop the young person’s self-esteem.
  • A planned progression towards maturity and self-reliance, leading to work experience and careers education programmes, to prepare children for leaving school.
  • A wide range and variety of interests and activities.

At ID Academy, we aim for the school to achieve high standards of professional Care and Education. In order to achieve this we provide:

  • Fully qualified Teachers who are able to deliver a broad and balanced classroom curriculum, together with qualified and experienced Teaching Assistants.
  • Staff who are aware of their personal contribution towards the aims and objectives of the schools and who are committed to achieving high standards.
  • An Accredited Centre for NOCN (previously National Open College Network) examinations.
  • Supervision, appraisal and training as a Professional Development Programme for all employees.
  • Support to staff by a Chartered Clinical Child Psychologist.


At ID Academy students have usually found it difficult to engage with traditional schools, and we recognise the need to be creative in the way that the curriculum is delivered to them. Although we have developed set academic timetables, the provision of education at ID Academy relies on recognising and making the most of opportunities as and when they arise to enable each individual young person to learn in the way that best fits their interests and abilities.